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Update: ING Direct’s Saving Rate Drops?

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When I chcked my accounts late last night, it appeared that ING Direct had lowered the interest rate offered on its online savings account to 3.0% (APY). I’m not sure what’s going on, but every page on ING Direct’s website, including the Fash animation, had the lower rate quoted, and this is after previously looking at the account earlier during the day and seeing the 3.4% rate listed.

I know that ING Direct uses several different web servers and they’re not always completely synchronized, but it seemed as if the rate had been lowered to 3.0%. If you chase rates, I strongly suggest Emigrant Direct or any of the other banks on this list.

Updated February 6, 2012 and originally published October 27, 2005.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

what the?

still shows 3.4% on my account and the site.

still, I’m getting ready to move the money anyway.

avatar 2 Luke Landes

Well… early this morning the entire site listed 3.0%. I thought it was strange, as I checked it earlier yesterday and it showed 3.4%. Perhaps it was just an error on ING Direct’s website, but it seems odd that the rate would have been changed to 3.0% in all locations.

avatar 3 Anonymous

That is very strange. Perhaps they were intending to change the rate to 4.0% and accidentally changed it to 3.0% instead? (wishful thinking here) But I had anticipated ING raising the savings rate by at least 0.10% sometime soon. Perhaps this is an indication that they’re getting ready for another change.

avatar 4 Anonymous

Showing 3.4% for me.

avatar 5 Anonymous

Showed 3.0% for me too yesterday nite. But today it reverted back to 3.4%. So, may be some technical problem with their website i guess.

avatar 6 Anonymous

I checked the public web site and it still says 3.4 percent.

avatar 7 Anonymous

Hi flexo,

The rate is 3.4 % today. I’m a little astonished as to why this error occurred when ING boasts of a good website. Anyhow i just hv a few dollars in my ING account

avatar 8 Luke Landes

It appears that the 3.0% listing on their site was just a SNAFU.