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Vacation In Total

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So, how much did I spend on my vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia? Let’s take a look.

First of all, Amy and I split all costs down the middle. The numbers I’m mentioning reflect my portion, so in total, the vacation cost twice as much. I’m looking at only four categories of expense: Events, Food, Lodging, and Travel. Now that I’ve had a chance to enter my receipts into Quicken, I’m good to go.

We spent two full days walking around Colonial Williamsburg, touring the historic buildings and museums. We were able to save some money by buying a plastic mug for $10 which entitled us to free drinks for the weekend. In fact, we’d have free drinks for the entire year if we choose to return before 2006. It was incredibly hot over the two days in town, and we would have been drinking often with or without the bottomless bug; considering all the refills we got, we probably saved at least $20.

The hotel was $109 a night, which was a little more than I had wanted to spend. We could have probably saved more if we shopped around a little more, so that’s something to improve upon next time. It was the lowest rate that particular hotel could give us, and we did make the most of the facilities, including the pool.

Events included the two-day pass to Colonial Williamsburg. We opted for the second-tier ticket which allowed us access to some of the nicer historical buildings. I’m glad we did that. We also participated in a Legends, Mysteries, and Myths tour that brought us back to Colonial Williamsburg at night.

The day we left, we stopped at the Williamsburg Winery for a tour and tasting. The tour and tasting should have cost us $14 minus a small discount with a coupon we had, but for some reason the winery charged my credit card only $0.10. I made up for it by buying a bottle of Governor’s White (about $10).

The numbers are actually a little lower than what I spent. Amy paid for some things in cash (gas and snacks for instance) and I didn’t record those amounts. We spent some money, but what’s the bottom line? We had a great time. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.

Updated January 5, 2018 and originally published August 18, 2005.

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