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Weekend Reading: Buying Your First House, Poetry, and Warren Buffett

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Here are a few articles to keep you entertained and informed this weekend.

4 Questions Before Buying Your First House. Here is my recent contribution to US News. “The decision to buy a house is about more than just mortgage interest rates, the Case-Shiller Home Price Index, and property taxes. Your home is more than just an investment, it’s also shelter, security and safety. That’s why you should think about more than just finances when making the decision.”

Business Opportunities Through Family and Friends. In this article on Money Reasons, the author talks not only about the direct opportunities we receive from those close to us, but the indirect opportunities that might be available if we make use of our friends and family as resources. When I was younger, some of my first jobs were those that my parents arranged — working in my mother’s research lab at an Ivy League university or working in my father’s office, but our friends and family can open opportunities for us as adults, as well.

Be a Man. Read a Poem. This directive comes from The Art of Manliness, where the guest author wishes to see poetry become mainstream again. There’s a stigma attached to poetry now, but not too long ago, poetry was a manly art form and part of every formal education.

How Warren Buffett Invests. Investor Junkie shares a photograph of the famous investor’s desk, featuring somewhat cluttered piles of paper and no computer. it’s clear the Oracle of Omaha isn’t constantly connected to second-by-second market data. He makes his decisions by slowly and carefully researching companies.

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Updated February 6, 2012 and originally published January 22, 2011.

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avatar 1 gotr31

I need to send my sister the article on home buying. I am worried she is rushing into a major decision that could ruin her financially. Thanks!

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avatar 2 TakeitEZ

Thanks for the links. Should keep me busy and give me something to think about.

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avatar 3 skylog

thank you for the links. i loved the picture of warren’s desk

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avatar 4 tbork84

I am very happy that you linked to the art of manliness. A very underrated blog in my opinion. I wish my desk was that clean, though there is a computer cluttering it,

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avatar 5 Anonymous

These are some great links, thanks for sharing!

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avatar 6 MR

Thanks for the mention, you picked what may be my best money making idea on my website to date!

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avatar 7 Anonymous

My daughter’s first job after college was through a tip from a friend. Networking is a live and well!

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avatar 8 eric

I find Buffet eternally fascinating. His desk and office looks like it could belong to anyone!

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avatar 9 Will @

I really liked your U.S. News article. It’s always good to see articles in the mainstream press that don’t blindly endorse purchasing a home to fulfill the American dream. It’s get too get people thinking about whether buying a whole really makes sense for them at this point.

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avatar 10 Luke Landes

Thanks, Will!

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