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Here are some interesting articles from the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond.

MBAs Don’t Prepare Managers for Real-Life Challenges
The process of getting an MBA is more about the connections you make than learning how to deal with real-life management problems, apparently. This is true about most degrees. In school you learn fundamental concepts and theories, but practical skills come from experience on the job. I’m not sure why this comes as a surprise to people. I’ve been slowly chronicling my experiences obtaining my MBA degree from the University of Phoenix, a school critics love to hate. [Free Money Finance]

Orlando Gas Gouging
Here’s an example of price gouging on gasoline, although prices at stations around airports usually are much more expensive than others. They don’t post their prices, yet motorists still stop by to fill up. Then they’re surprised when they receive the bill. [FiveCentNickel]

Do Payday Loans “Victimize” People?
Payday Loans are bad ideas, but are they victimizing customers, or should customers take full responsibility? Responsibility must be shared between companies that should operate in an ethical manner and not take advantage of people in difficult positions, and customers who must be as educated as possible about whatever product or service they’re considering. [AllFinancialMatters]

How To Talk Salaries With Coworkers
One way to find out whether you have room to negotiate your salary is to determine what your co-workers are making. This is a dangerous path to walk down. I wouldn’t recommend it. [Blueprint for Financial Prosperity]

Yard Sale Finds This Weekend
Mighty Bargain Hunter found some mighty bargains while on the hunt in the yards of northern Virginia. [Mighty Bargain Hunter]

Simple Way to Save $3,000 a Year: Brown Bag It
The money you save by spending $1 to $2 on lunch each day rather than $10 to $12 may amount to $500,000 after 25 years! As one commenter mentioned, you should also look at the “opportunity cost.” But eating alone at your desk every day, you miss out on opportunities that come by through socializing with your coworkers and management. [Zen Habits]

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Updated December 26, 2017 and originally published April 27, 2007.

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