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Weekly Blog Roundup, Long Weekend Edition

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I, for one, am looking forward to the good weather over this “long” weekend. Here are some personal finance nuggets from around the blogosphere to keep you busy over the weekend.

There are Almost 1 Million Accidental Millionaires. FMF points out an article describing the mass of individuals who have high net worth — mostly unusable — thanks to equity in their home. Another reason why net worth isn’t always the best measure your financial well-being.

One Man’s Trash: Free Televisions and Computers! Jim from pfBlueprint talks about his best hauls from other people’s piles. It’s classier than one might expect.

What the Heck’s Wrong With a Pre-Viewed DVD? Well, that would depend on what movie is on that DVD. Mighty Bargain Hunter has no problem with buying used DVDs. My problem with used DVDs is if you want to get them from a major store, they still cost almost as much as new DVDs.

Help Needed: Multiple Employers and the 415(c) Limit. Is there a tax expert in the house? Nickel is looking for some advice when it comes to his myriad retirement plans.

How High Do Gas Prices Have to Go to Justify Getting a New Car? AllFinancialMatters crunches the numbers as usual. In order to convince JLP to buy a Honda Civic, gas would have to reach $7.55 a gallon. Now the gasoline companies have a price target.

Why I Backslide and Spend Too Much. Sharon Harvey Rosenberg, the Frugal Duchess, admits she’s not perfect when it comes to spending money. She has three specific reasons, so check them out.

Switched to Vanguard E-Service to Eliminate Account Fees. Back in April, Vanguard announced they were changing their fee structure, but it wouldn’t be too difficult to avoid all fees. Sun has done so as well by opting out of paper statements.

Couples and Money Survey. Are you one member of a couple? Do you have thoughts about money? If the answers to both questions are “yes,” take a minute to fill out this completely anonymous survey from Personal Finance 101. The purpose of the survey is to provide information for a course that will be taught about money management and communication.

Why Talking About Myself Is Important When Writing About Personal Finance. Trent from The Simple Dollar explores a bit of his writing philosophy and the importance of being open with his own finances.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Published or updated May 25, 2007.

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Thanks for the link, Flexo. Hope the weather cooperates so you enjoy the long weekend :)

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Thanks for linking to my survey. I’ve gotten a great response so far thanks to bloggers like you! Have a great weekend!


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