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Weekly Blog Roundup, Fall Season Edition

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I am not a television junkie, but I appreciate good entertainment. Hence, I’m looking forward to the upcoming series of Heroes, House, and The Office. While I’m preparing by setting my digital video recorder to record all the new shows in glorious high definition, I’ll be reviewing some of the recent articles from the MoneyBlogNetwork.

How to Create a Budget if You Have Irregular Income. No Credit Needed explains how you can use your savings account to even out your cash flow.

High Electric Bills and the Battle Against Increasing Energy Costs. Nickel got a whopper of an electricity bill despite his efforts to reduce energy consumption.

Drama in You’re Life: “You’re Fired!” When most bloggers complain about getting fired from their day jobs (perhaps for too much time blogging on the Internet), J.D. had an upsetting experience firing one of his own employees.

When to Say Goodbye to Your Old Car. When is it time to let go? Free Money Finance shares some tips from Consumer Reports.

A Look at an Equity-Indexed Annuity. AllFinancialMatters analyzes an annuity similar to those pitched in seminars full of people who aren’t given the time to take a deep look at these products before receiving the hard sell.

7 Prudent Things to Do With Small Windfalls. Mighty Bargain Hunter has some responsible suggestions for anyone who comes across a moderate sum of money. When I won $35 at poker, I bought my girlfriend a gift.

$325 Cups of Coffee, or, Why The Latte Factor Matters. Yes, the small purchases matter, but there are other lifestyle choices and purchasing decisions that matter much, much more. Saving little by little is useless if you make poor decisions on larger purchases. 20 years of saving can be rendered irrelevant with one simple decision.

Who is Responsible for Lead in Toys? Blame China? Blame Canada? No, blame American capitalism, according to Golbguru at Money, Matter, and More Musings. The pressure our corporations place on Chinese manufacturers to cut costs force them to cut corners.

One final late addition: A-to-Z List of Online Money Management Software. Grad Money Matters compiled a list of free and subscription online tools for tracking money, with links to some reviews.

I hope everyone makes the most of their weekend!

Updated August 9, 2011 and originally published September 14, 2007.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

You can not blame China or other country for globalization. It is fact and should be accepted as it is. The basics of the economy based on trade.
I see so many US manufacturers spending time and money just lobbying Congress to fix the trade. It is regressive move and does not help anyone. Whole country needs to understand that we can do other things, smarter and better.

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avatar 2 Anonymous

The problem with trade is that there are east to identify winner and losers in the short term. It’s easy to know who are the losers in the U.S. Manufacturing companies and their workers, but the winner are spread out. Despite the recent safety and quality scare, U.S. Consumers have been benefited tremendously from trade with not just China but every country. However, consumers do no have a singular voice.

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avatar 3 Anonymous

Well… everything matters, little or big, right?

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