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Weekly Blog Roundup II, Heroes (Season One) Edition

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I’ve been a fan of the television show, Heroes, from the beginning of the first season, but my girlfriend is only a recent convert. We started viewing the first season in order with marathon sessions this past weekend, in between putting together report cards for her students.

Here are some more recent articles from the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond.

Did You Rent Instead of Buy? Glad You Did? Jim from Blueprint for Financial Prosperity points out a recent Wall Street Journal article about people who are happy ith their decision to rent (such as myself). In fact, if Jim didn’t own a house, he’d probably be renting. Jim’s a logical guy.

A Credit Card is Not an Emergency Fund. “A decade ago, my credit cards were my emergency fund. Whenever life dealt me a blow, I relied on credit cards to cope with it.” J.D. from Get Rich Slowly has reformed since then. In my recent article, 5 Tips for Unexpected Job Loss, I mention that an emergency fund can be a combination of different money sources. Credit cards can play a part, but there are some conditions.

Passive Income is the Key to Freedom and Retirement. Meg from AllFinancialMatters plans to use real estate investments as well as the stock market to allow her money to earn its own money, with the intent of supporting herself on this passive income through retirement.

Preparing Financially for a Career Change (Part 2). Mrs. Micah has some tips for changing jobs, based on the planning for her own move. Expecting to receive a new job at a lower pay scale is much like preparing to be laid off or fired.

Things You Should Know About Percentage Traps. Golbguru from Money, Matter, and More Musings warns readers against misinterpreting percentage-related information. He points out four specific mathematical details that deserve attention before you can truly understand the meaning behind certain statistics.

Updated December 29, 2010 and originally published November 4, 2007.

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Thanks for the link! I enjoyed your related article as well. :)

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avatar 2 Anonymous

how did silar get his first power and which power was it

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avatar 3 Anonymous

sylar’s actual power was intuitive aptitude which basically is to know ‘how things ticked’
The whole watchmaker job that he had at the beginning shows this extremly well because he was able to tell if a watch was like a second late by just looking at it.
Because he had this power he could also see into people’s heads and see how they ‘ticked’ he then saw their power and he saw that he could have that power.
The first power that he actually ‘stole’ was telekinesis where he invited the guy over to his shop and then hit him on the head with the crystal thing and ‘consumed’ his power. somehow.

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