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Weekly Blog Roundup, Mother’s Day Edition

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Here are some of the more interesting articles I’ve encountered from the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond over the past week or so. It was difficult to pick out articles that are not some sort of top five list this week. If you’re a blogger with something you’d like included next week in a similar roundup, send a quick note to tips at this domain.

Young People All But Ignore Planning for Retirement
JLP from All Financial Matters quotes an MSN article which in turn quotes a Hewitt study describing how the young’uns just aren’t putting enough away for retirement.

How To Replace Destroyed or Lost Important Documents
Jim from Blueprint for Financial Prosperity put together an informative list of important personal documents, like passports and birth certificates, and who you need to contact in the even they are lost. This list would have saved a few minutes of research several years ago when I needed a new birth certificate or when I needed a new social security card.

New Citi Dividend Platinum Rewards Promotion
Five Cent Nickel points out a new promotion for the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Rewards Card, offering 5% cash back on some categories for 6 months, if you’re a new customer. If you’re interested, apply here.

Best Financial Advice From Robert Kiyosaki
Free Money Finance had the chance to ask finance gurus and authors for their “best piece of advice.” Robert Kiyosaki believes typical financial advice is “obsolete.” Here’s some advice for getting rich: come up with some thoughts that purposely oppose the line of thinking that educated people in the industry hold and sell some books and other merchandise, all harping on the same point, just changing the details depending on what sounds good at the moment, and milking that for all it’s worth.

Shopping and Reselling for a Living
Mighty Bargain Hunter is critical of an MSN article espousing the ease of buying retail goods and selling them for a profit on eBay.

But wait, there’s more!

* Five Tips for Running a Successful Online Giveaway [Meta Best Blog Win]
* Magazine Subscriptions: Are They Worth It? [The Simple Dollar]
* Fixing Your Money Mistakes: Research, Wait, Repeat [Clever Dude]
* Bulk Is Not Always Frugal – Watch Out For Prices Like These [Money, Matter, and More Musings]
* O, That Special Gift: How Much Do You Pay for Sentiment? [The Digerati Life]
* Drive at a Steady Pace to Save Money on Gas [Binary Dollar]
* This Guy May Want to Rely on More Conventional Ways to Become a Millionaire [Generation X Finance]
* New Citi Ultimate Money Account Pays 5.00% APY [The Sun’s Financial Diary]

Happy Mother’s Day, for those of you Try not to succumb to the materialism of the holiday, but the holiday really shouldn’t be about philosophies any more than it should be about commercialism; it’s simply a time to thank your mother for brining you up well and to make her happy in whatever form she feels appropriate.

Updated June 23, 2014 and originally published May 13, 2007.

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