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Weekly Roundup, Redesign Edition

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As you may have noticed, we’ve been undertaking a redesign at Consumerism Commentary, with the intent of reducing clutter. Feel free to leave any comments, particularly if there is any features that no longer work for you. Here are a few articles I’ve read from the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond this past week:

Index Funds Plus a few Stocks Works for Me. FMF keeps it simple with his investing strategy. This is similar to mine, as well, but my stocks are not performing as nice as I’d like.

Thoughts on Maxed Out. Mighty Bargain Hunter shares his thoughts on the documentary. It’s easy to get into debt problems, but difficult to get out. MBH says the key is preparation.

Words of Wisdom From Alan Greenspan. Five Cent Nickel took notes during the former Fed chief’s appearance on The Today Show. In short, he’s worried about the credit crunch, but he doesn’t believe we’re heading to a recession.

8 Personal Finance Lessons I Learned From Monopoly. Jim from Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has some ideas about how the old game can be linked to personal finance.

Illustrated Debt Snowball. No Credit Needed includes some charts that help visualize how the debt snowball technique worse. The traditional debt snowball (highest balances first) is not the most efficient way of getting out of debt. See 6 Steps to Building a Better Snowball.

Using Quicken to Analyze and Correct Bad Spending Habits. Get Rich Slowly used his software to motivate him to spend less on comics.

A Preview of the 2008 Federal Income Tax Brackets. AllFinancialMatters is way ahead of the game. I haven’t started by 2007 taxes yet.

Using Music to Teach About Money. Alpha Consumer interviews Benjamin Chavis, president of Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, about their program to inspire healthy money management skills in today’s youth.

Have a great weekend!

Updated January 3, 2018 and originally published September 28, 2007.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

Good job on the redesign. Clean!

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avatar 2 Anonymous

I really like the redesign except for one thing; only the newest post is a full post and all the others need to be clicked on to read. Sometimes there’s more than one post between the times I check the site and having to click through to individual posts breaks the flow of the site and makes it just a little difficult for me to read everything comfortably. I humbly suggest making the latest 5 or so posts full length on the home page with the next 5 or ten excerpted as they are now.

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avatar 3 Luke Landes

GeekMan: I’ve heard that suggestion a few times already, so I’m going to go ahead and change that. Thanks for the idea!

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avatar 4 Anonymous

The first thing I noticed (after the color change) was how much cleaner your site is. It is much more organized and streamlined. I like it.

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