What Happens If Your Bank Account Is Hacked?

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What happens if your bank account is hacked? Is it your responsibility to take action? Will your bank step in and do all the heavy lifting? Who is liable?

These are just a few of the many questions to answer, with many others likely to move to the forefront should you be the victim of this unfortunate incident.

Below, we discuss what happens if your bank account is hacked along with tips for keeping your money safe online.

Your Bank Account Has Been Hacked – Now What?

No matter how you look at it, a financial breach of security is always a big deal. Not only does it impact you, but it will place a lot of strain on your bank.

But of course, there are varying degrees of bank account hacks. For example, you may notice nothing more than suspicious activity on your account. On the other end of the spectrum, you could find that your identity and/or funds have been stolen.

Important Points to Remember if Your Bank Account Gets Hacked

As scary as it may be, it’s imperative to keep your calm if your bank account is hacked. Here are three important points to remember:

You probably won’t lose your money

It’s very rare to lose money if someone hacks your account. Banks are prepared for this, so taking money out of your account is a difficult task. Along with this, your account is FDIC insured (or should be).

There is a guideline called Regulation E, and it was established by the Federal Reserve to protect all electronic funds transfers (ETFs), banking included. This guideline makes banking customers liable for up to only $50 in losses if they notify their bank right away (typically, within 2 days of receiving the statement with the fraudulent charge). Even if they wait up to 60 days, losses are still capped at only $500–and the bank carries most of the liability.

Banks are more prepared than ever

With the increase in online banking, financial institutions are more prepared than ever before. They have systems in place to protect against hackers, as well as those for securing your account should something go wrong.

Safer alternatives don’t exist

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a safer alternative. Online banking is the present and future, so you must get on board with the idea that it’s the best approach to managing your money.

Signs Your Bank Account has Been Hacked

Here are five common signs that your bank account has been hacked:

  • Unexplained payments
  • A call or email from someone demanding more information
  • Unexpected notifications from your bank
  • A large transaction that empties your bank account
  • You find that your bank account has been closed

If you come face to face with any of these signs, don’t hesitate to contact your bank so they can open an investigation.

Important Steps to Take if Your Bank Account has been Hacked

There’s no shortage of steps to take if your bank account has been hacked. Here’s where you should start:

Contact your bank’s fraud department

This is step number one, as it allows your bank to get involved. They’ll take immediate action to determine what happened and what you should do next.

Submit a claim if money was stolen

Review your account for missing funds and submit a claim if you find a discrepancy.

Cancel compromised debit or credit cards

Credit card fraud remains a major problem. Protect yourself by canceling any compromised debit or credit cards.

Consider freezing or closing your account

Sometimes, it’s best to start fresh. Closing your account and opening a new one allows you to do just that. Freezing your account is another option, as it gives you time to review what happened and make changes for the better in the future.

Set new passwords and pins

Set a new, strong password to better protect your account in the future. This is also a good time to choose a new pin and security question. And if your bank offers two-factor authentication, consider implementing it.

Secure your Wi-Fi

Check your Wi-Fi network to ensure that it’s password protected. An open network invites trouble.

Tell your friends and family

If you’re the victim of a security breach, tell your friends and family what happened so they can protect against it in the future.

Check your accounts and apps

Double-check all your accounts and apps in search of any suspicious activity. Also, consider additional security steps that you can take, such as fingerprint access on your smartphone.

Check your credit reports

This can answer many questions, such as if unauthorized accounts have been opened in your name. This is a telltale sign of identity theft.

File an identity theft report

Contact your bank’s fraud department about the best way to file an identity theft report. Alternatively, you can use IdentityTheft.gov online.

Monitor your accounts

Moving forward, monitor your account as closely as possible. This can help you pinpoint a fraudulent charge before it turns into something more serious.

You Recover Most or All Your Money if Your Bank Account Has Been Hacked

If you’re the victim of bank fraud and you’ve lost money as a result, take immediate action with the assistance of your financial institution.

For instance, you’re not responsible for unauthorized debit or credit card purchases, but you need to report this to your bank or credit card company without delay.

What to Do if you Don’t Agree with Your Bank’s Fraud Resolution

If you don’t see eye to eye with the fraud department, ask if there’s anyone else you can speak with. Should that lead you down a dead end, it’s time to contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The Different Types of Bank Account Scams and Frauds

With online banking continuing to grow in popularity, new scams and frauds are always moving to the forefront. When combined with those that have always been used, it’s natural to have concerns.

Here is a list of bank account scams and frauds you should protect against:

  • Malicious software
  • Phishing scams
  • Password hacking
  • Mobile payment scams

How to Spot Scams and Hacking Attempts

There are a variety of ways to spot scams and hacking attempts, including the following:

  • Pay attention to notices that someone has tried to access your account from another location
  • Investigate any suspicious activity, such as missing funds
  • Watch for emails, text messages, or calls asking for your banking information

Overall, if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your finances.

Why Using a VPN can Help Protect Your Account

While some breaches happen on a much larger scale, many of them start with an individual having his or her personal data compromised. In today’s world of WiFi hotspots and coffee shop internet, it’s even easier for hackers to gain access to our accounts.

Luckily, it’s fairly simple to ensure your account is not vulnerable to this particular attack. When using a public internet connection–whether at the airport, in a coffee shop, or even at your kids’ after-school gymnastics practice–avoid logging in to important personal accounts. Browsing the web is fine, but don’t enter personal information like your bank account login or even email password while on a publicly-accessed connection.

To add an extra level of protection, consider using a Virtual Private Network, or VPN.  This is a type of connection method designed to provide an extra level of security and protect your sensitive data. Essentially, what happens is you end up hiding your IP address (used to identify your computer and location) and the VPN will replace it with one of theirs so that it seems like you’re in a different location.

In other words, your location and identity are disguised so that you can browse the web safely and securely. Here are two trustworthy and reliable VPNs brands we recommend:


ExpressVPN is a leading virtual private network service. With best in class encryption, TrustedServer security, and other high-level features, your private information is always protected.


By encrypting all the internet traffic sent to and from your device, banking online is more secure and less stressful. It also allows you to browse privately, hide your location, and stay safe even on public Wi-Fi.

More Ways to Avoid Having your Bank Account Hacked

There’s no such thing as being too cautious with your financial accounts. Here are some additional ways to avoid having your bank account hacked:

Don’t enter sensitive information over public Wi-Fi

As a general rule of thumb, you should only enter sensitive information over a secured Wi-Fi connection.

Don’t share personal information with people you don’t know

This should go without saying, but it’s always worth mentioning again. Unless you can trust someone 100 percent, there’s no good reason to share your personal information with them.

Update your web browser frequently

Outdated web browsers put you at greater risk of falling prey to a scam or attack. Update your browser as often as necessary.

Never click on links from unsolicited texts or emails

This is one of the oldest bank account hacking tricks in the book. If you received an unsolicited text or email, delete it immediately. Don’t click on any links, no matter how appealing they may be.

Strengthen your account security

There are many ways to do this, such as with two-factor authentication and by updating your password.

Protect your Social Security number

Don’t share your Social Security number with anyone who doesn’t need to know it.

Use strong and unique passwords

Simply put, a strong password is one that other people won’t be able to guess. Use a combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers, and special symbols.

Enable two-factor authentication

Don’t make it easy for hackers to access your account. Use two-factor authentication to make it much more difficult.

Install good anti-malware software

If you don’t have anti-virus software on your computer, now’s the time to install it. It doesn’t make sense to ignore something that can provide so much security.

Opt-in for your bank’s fraud detection

Contact the bank fraud department to discuss any protection measures that you can opt into. Not only will this protect your account, but it’ll also give you peace of mind.

Review your statements regularly

Don’t let a single statement slip past you. Carefully review each one for any unusual activity.

Watch out for Wi-Fi hotspots

Using a Wi-Fi hotspot increases the risk of a security breach. Wait until you have access to a secure connection to do your online banking.

How to Choose a Secure Password for Your Bank Account

There’s no right or wrong way to choose a secure password, but there are some steps you definitely need to take.

For starters, don’t choose something like your name, street name, or the city in which you live.

Instead, use a unique combination of letters and numbers, with special characters sprinkled in.

Many people choose a simple password because it’s easier to remember. Rather than make this mistake, use a password manager to keep you organized.

How Banks and Technology Companies are Working to Keep your Money Safe

Every bank knows that a security breach is bad news for their business. And that’s why they’re dedicated to doing whatever it takes to keep your money safe.

Here are five banks and technology companies that have a good reputation for taking steps to protect consumers:


In addition to deposits being FDIC insured up to $250,000, Chime uses encryption and other measures to keep your account safe.

Axos Bank

According to the Axos Bank website, they “employ state-of-the-art technologies to detect and prevent cyber intrusions.” For example, firewalls help block unauthorized access by individuals or networks.

Radius Bank

Radius Bank is one of the most comprehensive when it comes to protecting customer accounts. It uses anti-virus protection to detect and prevent viruses, along with advanced firewalls for keeping unauthorized users away. Add this to regular software updates and you have a bank you can trust.

Banking Technologies That Help Protect Against Fraud

There’s no shortage of banking technology that can help protect against bank account hacking. Some of the most used technologies include:


By encoding information, only authorized parties are able to understand it.

Digital certificates

Also known as a public key certificate, it’s an electronic document used to prove ownership of an account.

Two-factor authentication

This requires two pieces of evidence — such as a password and security question answer — to access an account.

Secure messaging

This allows you to send and receive messages from your bank in a secure environment.

Limited login attempts

This limits the number of login attempts. So, if an unauthorized party attempts to access your account, they’ll be locked out after a predetermined number of attempts.

Fraud alerts

Fraud alters tell you if there’s any suspicious activity on your account. This can help you pinpoint things, such as credit card fraud, without delay.

Fraud protection software

This software is designed to detect any fraudulent activity. This includes things such as malicious software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions associated with bank account security and hacking:

Do you get your money back if your bank account is hacked?

If you notice a fraudulent charge or missing money, contact your bank about the steps you can take to recover the funds. Generally, you should get your money back if your account is hacked.

Who is liable if my bank account is hacked?

The bank is liable, but this decreases over time. Report fraudulent activity to your bank as soon as you notice it.

What information do people need to hack my account?

This depends on the experience and knowledge of the hacker. For example, if you have a weak password, they may be able to guess it and gain access.

In other cases, it takes much more work, such as stealing your information when using a public Wi-Fi connection.

Can someone hack my bank account with my phone?

This depends on how you have your phone set up. If you’re using fingerprint technology, it’s much harder for a hacker to access your account.

Conversely, if you have a weak password, they may be able to guess it. And that’s especially true if you’re not using a password manager.

What should you do about a fraudulent purchase on your credit card?

You’re not responsible for fraudulent purchases, so contact your credit card company to make them aware of what happened.

Is antivirus software worth the money?

It’s not required, but it can keep hackers on the outside from looking in while also providing you with peace of mind. And best yet, many antivirus software programs have a free trial.

What should you do about a scam message?

If you receive any type of scam message — whether it be by phone, email, or text — delete it immediately.

What is a fraudulent card scanner?

Also known as a card skimmer, this is used to steal your credit card information at the point of sale or an ATM. Fraudulent card scanners are not common, but they do exist.

Final Thoughts

While you hope that your bank account is never hacked, you could find yourself dealing with this head on at some point in the future.

With the guidance above, you should now have a better idea of how to prevent hacking and what to do if this occurs.

When it comes to bank accounts and identity theft protection, don’t sell yourself short.

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Gregory Keith says:

My bank account was hacked using the name CIGNO LOANS . WESTPAC KARRINGAL HUB FRANKSTON TWO WEEKS AGO WAS TOLD BY ME THAT I DONT even know that company and no I have no loans with anyone. The bank blocked the payments and got only 70 of 350 back. Well two weeks later and cigno scammed the bank and took money illegally. I am ringing my bank and demanding every cent to be put back in my account .so I can close my bank accounts and use a new bank that doesn’t lye.

David Johnson says:

I receive my only money thru direct express. And for the first time in the last 3 months, my account has been compromised. First I noticed $5 here,10 there. Now it’s hundreds and for the first time i can’t pay my rent in full. There are other bills I can’t afford cause of this May incident. My money this month was being spent before I spent any of it. So I immediately called direct express and told them about it,and they looked on their computer and told me the money that was stolen is posted as pending. I told them to stop the pending. They sayed they couldn’t, it has to go thru pending. I told them again to stop the pending. They wouldn’t do it. So my credit rating going down,can’t pay my bills. My car is in the shop,owe $500 dollar deductible. Im on a fixed income,disabled, a veteran,can’t walk that well and the nearest store is a ten min. Walk for me its about a 15 20min walk. I have no car,no money,disabled,and all my bills are do!? And direct express can’t stop the pending! I have no one i can get to help me. So I’m just screwed. Im 63 and don’t know where to turn. Do I have any worry?

mike m says:

This article is extremely misleading. I was hacked a month ago, the hack was executed through PNC’s application. We reported it immediately, we made a police report, we went to PNC’s locations and they REFUSE to help us or look deeper into it. We made 4 disputes and every time they deny us. We even had a PNC banker tell us that it is 100% fraud, and PNC still refuses to reimburse us. Now they say we have to pay $1300 for the overdraft, due to thew hackers withdrawal. Stop banking with PNC, they do not protect your money.

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Nhlanhla Nkwanyana says:

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Sir My SBi account and icici bank account both hacked and stolen 52000Rs I raised a complaint with SBI Customer care Department and ICICI Bank. And They say raise a complaint in local police station

Lois says:

My bank account details were deleted from the bank data base and US $7003,000.00 was transferred out of my account. Bank fraud squad is investigating and tell me it might take some time to trace the money, plus I might not get it all back. I am fuming as I need funds now. What are my rights please.

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After three days the loan bank requested a computing technician to to examine of what have happened.
Then they told me that it was found out that my account was hacked.
My question is, do i have the responsibility to pay the computing tech to recover the money?

steve says:

The loan application was to get much personal information about you. It is completely fake.The ‘computer technician’ is the same scammer connected with the ‘Loan Application’…Don’t pay him anything, don’t pay anyone anything, disconnect computer and virus/trojan/malware scan it.

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Keep a daily screenshot of balance and print it.
Get your bank to hive you monthly statements and save them. Have many banks. Lawsuit them and publish in newspapers….

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Deniece Fridy says:

My phone was stolen that had my bank info linked to it and they transferred money out of my account. But my bank denied my claim but didnt say why. What can i do? Please im in desperate need of help.

Staci says:

Your bank HAS to provide you with the information they used to cone to that decision. Insist on it! Continue researching “how to report credit/debit card fraud”. Just fyi, even after they’ve denied your dispute, if you file a police report and give the bank the case #, they’ll take your claim a lil more seriously, as they’ll then see that your also serious about it and that your not involved in trying to defraud them.

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Some fire departments hack accounts claiming to save foreign people from leaving etc. Rackets…sue bank and investigate…

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Teresa Gabby says:

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Scammers in Europe emptied all my accounts via my credit card account. I am a pensioner and a widow. My bank is Standard Bank South Africa and they won’t help me by reversing the transactions in accordance with the my charge back option. I am broke, lost my savings that took me years to build up. Do they care? Not even enough to phone me and talk to me in person.

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Iggy says:

No I did not receive a reply. I am still wondering what to do. I also had my entire life hacked – everything is known about me by another person and they think that I don’t know who they are, but I do. I can’t go to the police without enough proof and the police don’t care until after something actually happens to me. I am afraid this person is going to commit major fraud and also steal from me.
What happened to you Robin?

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Phyl says:

Please help me.
I have applied for an international loan.they told me , it was approved.
Fer days later. The fund was deposited to my bank account here in my country.
It was supposed to be reflected to my bank account after 12 hours, but no fund was seen in my account.
My loan bank let tge computing team checked my account.
And it was found out that an OTT ( online time tracker) was being placed on my account.
My question is, am i liable to the money that was being hacked?
2nd, is the hacking can not be detected by the bank?
3rd, how fo i know that my loan bank is telling me the truth? Because it is an international loan
4th, if that is true, can i still have the money?
The computing team is trying to hold the time tracker, and how long could it be held.

Iggy says:

what if someone hacks your home wifi without your knowledge, and is able to see everything you send and receive over the internet, including your online banking passwords and email passwords. changing your passwords doesn’t help in this case and the person can easily go in and steal all your money and make it look like it was you, if they’re in a van outside your house using a laptop and are connected to your wifi

Robin says:

Did you ever recieve a reply? My who life has been hacked and I am not getting the help to stop all this with compensations to all the damage.

Iggy says:

No I did not receive a reply. I am still wondering what to do. I also had my entire life hacked – everything is known about me by another person and they think that I don’t know who they are, but I do. I can’t go to the police without enough proof and the police don’t care until after something actually happens to me. I am afraid this person is going to commit major fraud and also steal from me.
What happened to you Robin?

Iggy says:

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My bank account was hacked by someone overseas and they stole $11,000 out of my husband’s PayPal bank account but PayPal claims that they are not responsible for any of the money that was stolen why is this and I don’t understand why PayPal is allowed to limit the amount of what you take out of your own bank account but then someone wipes out my husband’s bank account clean and they don’t have any questions about it while how is this possible and why is this allowed

Gaynor Carr says:

Can you access your account if you have been hacked or does the bank freeze it and you are unable to get any funds from your account

Ricardo Elizondo says:

My phone keeps showing me an account to me what I like to no is if it is haked by a sibling or someone close to me and my family or if it belongs to me please help me I have the number to check it please help me

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Anonymous says:

My account was negative and then was made positive ledger balance says $3,250 and direct deposit of $761 but account balance says zero. What could have happened?

Anonymous says:

People hacking banks should receive the death penalty, period. It would stop tomorrow.

Anonymous says:

My aunt account has been hacked yesterday at Sunday … the hacker has stolen more than 3 lakhs .. wat sud I do plzz help

Anonymous says:

My information was hacked through a government background check. Hackers got in my bank accounts twice. The last a block was put on it so I cannot do online banking. Last week somehow they got it my checking account. My bank has done everything possible to protect my money and it has been replaced each time. What other steps my bank and I can do to stop these hackers from getting in my account? I should I put my money somewhere else? It is very stressful.

Anonymous says:

Chase’s recent comments about no account information having been compromised is simply false and Chase is lying about it as shown in my own case.
On 16 Sept 15 a Mory Aboubacar Sahno gained access to my Chase Account and made international wire transfers. One of the four transfers went through the Toronto Dominion Bank in Quebec and another through a J.P. Morgan Chase branch in Delaware. I contacted Chase immediately after noticing a wire transfer I did not make, bu they ultimately denied my claim to have the money put back into my account. This Mory Aboubacar even created a profile in my account listing a phone number in Quebec 514-416-4631. That allowed him to get the codes to access my account on line. Chase told me that they recognized my computer from its IP address and that the transfers were made from my computer. After more than 20 minutes of loud conversation and Chase saying they were not allowed to tell me what the IP Address of “my own computer” was, they finally relented and provided me with the IP Address of “my computer” which the customer service representative said was: mozilla/S.O.Windows NT 6.1

After telling them that this was not an IP Address it took me another 10-15 minutes to get the actual IP Address which came from San Jose CA and was not my Internet Service provider at all. The IP used came from EGI Hosting in San Jose (50.117. 78.154) and they told me that the person using it was using a proxy/VPN.

Chase never followed up and has not returned my funds. This is of course a tactic to avoid having to admit that accounts were in fact compromised. They simply say the customer’s claim was fraudulent. I sent a fax to their fraud department and also spoke with customer service, and they are simply incompetent. When I visited the Chase branch in Riverpark/Fresno for assistance, the bank manager there was very helpful but at the same time puzzled and frustrated by the main corporate office she called for an explanation of my claim denial.
I am currently exploring legal action and also intend to publicize the fact that Chase is either negligent/incompetent or intentionally lying to the public. Since this happened to my account it invariably also happened to others.

Nancy DeCuir says:

Have you considered a class action suit. Two of my friends have lost their money. One for $16,000 and one for $60,000. The banks have told them that it is gone..

Pucha R. says:

CHASE bank is the worst, they let hackers take your money and them switch their liability to the clients. My daughter’s acct was hacked as well. A false deposit of $5,000 was made by hackers and Chase cleared it right of way allowing the hackers to make an ATM withdrawal that same day (Chase says my daughter called to ask for a large withdrawal and for the deposit to be made effective immediately – but she lacks the mental acuity to do it – My daughter is 26yo with some mental retardation. Chase wants my daughter to pay the $5,000 that they allowed the hackers to take. She has never had more than $800 in the account at any time b/c she gets Social Security $$ and is not allowed to have more than $2,000 in the account or she will lose her benefits. She has didn’t have that kind of money to begin with and they allowed someone to fool them so that stole the bank’s money. Go figure!!!!

Anonymous says:

My refund from the IRS was hacked and I have been unable to get my money back as everyone is denying culpability. My refund was sent to TurboTax who sent it to Santa Barbrbra Tax Products Group who sent it to Chase Bank. TurboTax says they sent it with the correct routing and account umbers and Santa Barbara TPG says they received a different routing and account numbers and sent the money to that Chase account. Chase verifies they received the money. TPG is stating that my computer must have been hacked and they have no culpability and it is too bad and I am out of the money, I have tried everything and everyone is telling me “too bad”. I now assume it is not safe to send anything on direct deposit over the internet. Is there no recourse in this type of situation?

Anonymous says:

I try to transfer payment to Italy company the e mail hacker ed and I receive the hackers account number and my 43280 euro went to BARCLAY S bank in England and we try aimlessly since 2 month with this bank wish any body lead me to a solution with best regards

Anonymous says:

My neighbor, who owes me some money, claims his bank account (he banks at citizens bank in PA) got hacked and the money in there is currently being held, and he cannot access it, until the investigation is complete. Right before he says he got hacked, he wrote me a few checks that totaled about $600. Each checked bounced, all saying “insufficient funds”. I find it odd that if an account was hacked then the returned checks would say “account closed” and I also find it odd that the bank would deny the account holder access to their own money. If the account was hacked then I would think the account holder would move the remaining funds in another account. Is my neighbor playing a trick, and was there a hacking at Citizens Bank?

Anonymous says:

No it happened to me for 2,000

Anonymous says:

Ransome ware it’s called. they can freeze/block your account. IF the creeps spent their time investigating a cure for Cancer, we would have it.

Anonymous says:

Having a bank account hacked would be horrible. I have had my wallet stolen and it felt so vulnerable and creepy, I’m sure having a bank account hacked would feel even worse.

One thing that is good about having an online account hacked is that there is usually some sort of protection with the bank that comes along with it.

Anonymous says:

Stores and institutions have been hacked. Personal data hacks is frequently in the news.

Anonymous says:

When you consider how much technology has exploded in the last 20 years along with the good & bad that it brings, there should be some anxiety when you read stories like this but the only thing you can do is due diligence.

Anonymous says:

I am not worried. As you said, banks are attacked all the time. Best thing to do is go straight to the bank’s site, don’t click links from emails, and keep your computer’s security software patched and up to date.

Anonymous says:

Security software does not protect you from a dedicated attack. Security softwre protects from malware that the company provides patches/updates. A crafted malware for a specific individual is not protected by the AV programs.

Anonymous says:

I’m not too worried. I keep my bank accounts as secure as I can and that is the best I can do. While I would freak out I’m sure the bank would catch it almost immediately. They have some sophisticated software.

Anonymous says:

No, the planned attack won’t change the way I bank. I too keep my computer as safe as possible and I’ve never used and e-mail ‘link’. If there is a website to go to I will get there myself if I think I need to. As a bank customer I take security just as seriously as they do and there are a couple of things I do to help out. First I download and review account information daily, including checking and credit card data. Secondly I forward all phishing e-mail to whomever is being represented. It may take a minute or two to review transactions or forward an e-mail but it well worth it if you stop an invalid charge or transaction immediately.

Anonymous says:

You can’t prevent a dedicated attack. Malware can be sent via text.

Anonymous says:

I’m a customer of one of the banks you list, so I’m a bit concerned. As best I know, I’m doing everything I can to protect myself, but I know nothing is foolproof. I have no intention of stopping banking online though. I can’t believe this alleged attack won’t be stopped now that it’s been revealed months in advance.

Anonymous says:

I got hacked last Wednesday! I check my checking & savings on line every single day. That day I was looking at my e-mails, etc. Turned my computer off and walked out of the room. As I walked down the hall I heard something tell me “You forgot to check you checking accounts”. I believe God is looking out for me, because I went back to my computer and saw a deposit of $7000. First I thought “Oh, I won Publisher’s Clearing House” ha ha, After looking further I saw my savings account was Short $7000 & a check had been cut to a real person. I’ve had my computer hacked 16 times in the last year and I’m pretty sure I know who it is but can’t prove it. This persons name, address & phone number were on my computer but the bank didn’t seem to be the least bit interested in who did it. They just close my old one and gave me a new one. I can’t get the police to help me or the FBI. The bank said they would investigate it! Yeh, in 4 – 5 days. I don’t know what to do. This person has done all kinds of things to me but there is no way to prove it. So be careful . .. .I don’t even know this person and never seen her. She dated my X a couple of times and he told me she had hacking equipment on her computer. Now he’s dead and why I’m still getting it I don’t know they only dated 2 or 3 times.

Anonymous says:

Report the incidents to the police. The police have software detectives and are more than capable in helping you. I’ve been hacked 5 times in 6 years. Every time the police took it very seriously. My PayPal account was hacked and PayPal reimbursed me right away. The other times the bank fought tooth and nail to “not” give me my money, but half the time they ended up doing it. I am very cautious; only use PayPal and Amazon for online purchases. I do pay my Verizon bill online with a checking account (which has never been hacked). It’s only been my debit card that’s been hacked. My Google wallet account was hacked for 3 years before I put two and two together. Little amounts like $2.99, $6.99, etc… They refuse to pay me because they keep putting me off every time I’ve called! Good luck to all 🙂

Anonymous says:

Planned or unplanned, it doesn’t matter. The internet is a little like the wild west. I feel vulnerable and I take precautions as much as I can. I constantly update my security program (McAfee), run virus checks and change my password periodically. I feel more susceptable on the internet than I ever did in the real world. It doesn’t stop me from anything, but it makes me pause every so often.

Anonymous says:

NO ONE can prevent a hacker from accessing your account. IF they want to target you they WILL. I have a firewall, a complicated password and important e-mails were deleted.

NOTHING can protect you from a dedicated attack.