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Yahoo Finance Looking for Savers: Be On TV!

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Yahoo Finance is producing an ongoing series of videos for their Financially Fit column. Each video focuses on an individual’s story. For example, they follow a New York City resident who saved $14,000 throughout the past year by downsizing his apartment and by choosing staycations rather than traveling.

Personally, I don’t really consider “not spending” money as saving money, which would be the case with the vacations, but it allowed this particular individual come up with the calculation. The series is hosted by Farnoosh Torabi, who has been a guest on the Consumerism Commentary Podcast.

Watch one of the videos in the series here:

Have you saved thousands of dollars and are you willing to share the story? I bet most Consumerism Commentary readers will be able to come up with a creative calculation to showcase savings.

The Yahoo Finance producers are looking to feature someone living within a day’s driving distance of New York City, and they will drive to you to film the feature. If you have an excellent story, though, and you don’t live in the states surrounding this particular metropolitan area, they will fly to your location.

There’s one catch: As the series is underwritten by a credit card company, the savings tactics including in your story can’t include cutting up credit cards or switching to a cash-only philosophy for your expenses. It shouldn’t be too difficult to get around that limitation, and as I said, if the sample video included above is any indication, your calculation can be somewhat creative. As part of his $14,000 savings, Anshey Bhatia saved $6,000 by not taking large vacations. Using the same logic, I saved $70,000 this year by not buying a BMW 335is Convertible.

Then again, I suppose that since I haven’t been in the habit of buying BMWs in the past, there wasn’t really a change in my approach that resulted in that savings. Perhaps you will be more creative than I.

If you have a story about your own saving accomplishments and are willing to go on camera to tell it to an audience, let me know — either in the comments or by contacting me. I’ll pass your information to the producers. While they are looking for people available in the next few days, this is an ongoing series, so the opportunity won’t be going away.

Published or updated May 5, 2011.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

If this story helps more people realize they don’t need to spend so much money and should instead focus on reducing their debt, then I’m all for it.

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avatar 2 Anonymous

I have saved about $20k by not getting married, $3k by not buying a puppy, and easily $30k by choosing a girlfriend who is not high-maintenance. They must want to hear about all this “savings”.

I am all for shows that help people, but this one seems a little silly (without me actually watching it). A finance show sponsored by a credit card company? I use credit cards all the time and I think they’re great. But so many people use them as loans. I think the restrictions they’re putting on the show are a bit ridiculous to appease the underwriter, but oh well.

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avatar 3 Anonymous

I saved Money by:
-Reducing and negotiating monthly expenses for utilities/services and insurance; $1700 annually
-I started using BOA rewards cards that has netted me $170 in savings to use towards paying down my BOA mortgage early. I expect to save $400 in my first year.
-I saved 20% of my pay towards a stock purchase program through work and made great returns and am using this to pay off my 2nd mortgage early through BOA which I expect to save me $10K over the next 4 years.
-I saved money by going with a higher deductible healthcare plan including a healthcare savings account and put the entire savings on the premium into the Healthcare Savings Account in which I hope to be able to pool and invest for future healthcare expenses.

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avatar 4 Anonymous


I write the blog I paid off $23,605.10 in debt in 15 months and would be willing to talk about it.

Let me know if you’d like more info,

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avatar 5 skylog

this comment wins flexo:

“Using the same logic, I saved $70,000 this year by not buying a BMW 335is Convertible.”

not only did it make me nearly spit out a mouth full of water, but it is spot on from where i stand.

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avatar 6 Cejay

We saved $64,000.00 in three years but we used it to pay off our house. We cut out our eating out as much, not buying new clothes, creative cooking ideas. I sold books I had, used Coke Reward points for our movie nights, couponed, couponed and couponed. But we live in Georgia and I am not very photogenic.

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avatar 7 4hendricks

We have saved up and bought 2 houses with only 1 mortgage – we have 3 cars, but no car payments, we eat out, but do it by taking advantage of gift cards sold during the holidays (bogo, buy $5 get $1 etc.), we coupon, we take vacations, but use our credit card points to pay for hotels, meals, etc. we save for retirement, save for our HSA account, save for our EF, and just refinanced our mortgage to 10 year 4.2. Each year I call to reduce on cable, internet, phone, etc. I work part time, and my husband took a job that pays 1/2 what he was making. I don’t consider it being a super saver, I consider it being frugal.

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avatar 8 lynn

I cook and can and coupon and shop thrift stores for my favorite brands of clothing. I dress well, but conservative. I don’t have a lot of jewelry, just a few high value ones. I like my home and nature activities that are free. My biggest expenses are internet, and that dang cable. (going soon)

I do use my CC, but pay it off each month. I get reward points and use them to go out to dinner a couple times a year. This is my life style and I’m very content with it.

I use rebate money and bottle money (I find them) to pay for Christmas, too. Last year I had enough to pay for 11 family membersand buy myself a WII. It’s a good life.

I live way below my means.

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