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ZYNC℠ from American Express 10,000 Bonus Points

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American Express is best known for their charge cards. In June, Tom Dziubek spoke with an American Express representative about a new addition to their charge card family, anew card geared towards young professionals. ZYNC℠ from American Express is a new charge card specifically designed for students and young adults with above average credit that can carry the responsibility of paying their bills in full every month. Hear more about the card on episode 60 of the Consumerism Commentary Podcast.

There are ten different versions of the ZYNC℠ from American Express Card, making the program unique but complex. Whether you eat out at restaurants often, travel frequently or are concerned with the environment, the ZYNC℠ from American Express Card has options for you. For a limited time, they’re offering 10,000 bonus membership points after your first purchase to get you started.

Zync(SM) from American ExpressHere is a quick summary of the different “packs” offered by the ZYNC℠ from American Express Card and their respective annual fees:

  • GO Pack ($20): double points on airfare and discounts on car rentals
  • ECO Pack ($0): double points on selected green merchants
  • RESTAURANT Pack ($25): double points at selected restaurants
  • MUSIC Pack ($5): double points on concert ticket purchases and access to pre-sales
  • STYLE Pack ($25): double points at select retailers
  • PERSONAL FINANCE Pack ($0): online financial advice
  • CONNECT Pack ($20): double points on all utilities purchases
  • GIVE BACK Pack ($0): 1,000 bonus points for each hour of volunteer service reported
  • FOOD AND WINE Pack ($20): one year subscription to FOOD & WINE® Magazine and more benefits
  • FAMILY TRAVEL Pack ($0): access to travel specialists and deals

The fee listed for each pack is in addition to the $25 annual fee. When you sign up for a pack, it is in effect for a full year, and you can change your selection only once a year. In terms of American Express charge cards, the ZYNC℠ from American Express is the cheapest to own and probably the most fun as well (although that’s hardly a reason to sign up for a card).

To sign-up for the ZYNC℠ from American Express Card and take advantage of the 10,000 bonus point offer, visit their official website at

Zync(SM) from American Express

Updated June 17, 2016 and originally published August 27, 2010.

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avatar 1 Anonymous

how is this “fun”
i fail to see an upside to charge cards

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avatar 2 Anonymous

Great comment. I’m stumped too. Maybe the charge cards’ advantage is that there’s no real “credit limit”; meaning you can go over a recommended limit. Not sure how this card reports to the 3 credit bureaus; does it report your credit line, or the highest revolving amount you charged during the reporting month? Charge cards are for people who pay their balances in full! Not sure what happens if you do not (besides the late payment $35 or 3.99% disclosure, and whether that disclosure is effected by the August 22, 2010 Federal Reserve CARD Act.) I can’t see any good benefit to get this card for people who do not like paying annual fees for a credit card. $25 per year for this card seems ridiculous for earning the bare minimum: 1point for every eligible dollar you spend, 2x points when you travel using AE travel website, and 3x points if you shop using their bonuspointsmall website. Points have no cap or expiration date; but if you delinquent on payment I heard they may take points away. All this is is a miniature version of their other Charge Cards that have significantly higher annual fees and more points for big spenders. No annual fees credit cards are much better than this; and they’re only offered from any other credit issuers (banks, the big ones!)

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avatar 3 Anonymous

The fun part is getting 10,000 bonus points. The point is to sign up, make your purchase the first month, cash out your rewards, and get out.

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avatar 4 Anonymous

The real fun is when you just google credit cards and can see several bonus points for applying; and, targeted mail offers are usually better than what’s offered online.

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avatar 5 Anonymous

People posting comments don’t seem to be familiar with the protections that Amex offers such as purchase return protection and free 1 year extended warranty on purchases. Also the free eco pack gives 2x points on all my grocery purchases at whole foods.

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avatar 6 Anonymous

I am an old customer of American Express and I am using its Premium Gold card. After going through this review I think ZYNC Amercian express is more attractive as far as its services are concerned. What is the maximum upper limit by the way?

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avatar 7 Anonymous

10k points really don’t get you far, it’s about $62 in cash value. minues the $25 card fee, you’re really only getting $37 in return. but it’s almost hassle-free to sign up this card and exchange points with a gift card to somewhere. if you have spare time, do it, if not, you’re not missing out.

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