Excel Template for Income and Expense Report

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template.jpgIn order to create my Income Statements, I use two main tools. All of my transactions are entered into Quicken. I used to use Microsoft Money but I switched a few years ago.

Once it is likely I’ll have no more adjustments for a month, I run Quicken’s Income/Expense report, customized to include all accounts and subcategories. I export the report to an “Excel-compatible” format and import the file using Excel.

I link the new file up to a template similar to the one attached. The template I use has cell references that point to my exported file, but the attached template does not contain links. If you use this template, you will need to enter your amounts manually or develop a system of linking to your own exported reports.

For the last three columns (year-to-date amounts for 2004, 2005, and 2006) to be accurate, you have to manually update the cell reference range each month.

Here is the Excel file: Income Expense Template.xls. I’ll post a similar template for my net worth reports shortly.

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Anonymous says:

This is a great spreadsheet; thank you. Any way to easily modify it to accomodate multiple properties?

Anonymous says:

Income expense template is perfect just what I was looking for.

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thank you for this helpful template.
God bless

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Thank you for providing a great and easiest income & expense excel format…..


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Nice template, keep up the good work.

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If of all thanks for providing this information. It should come in handy as I travel down this path.

Have you considered making the spreadsheet available in an online format such as Google Docs/Spreadsheets?

Anonymous says:

Thanks for getting this up there!!

Luke Landes says:

Both Quicken and Money are bloated in their own ways, and yet neither one contains all the features I’d like.

Anonymous says:

I just bought Quicken 2006. I’ve been looking at it for awhile, but I finally bought it. I used to use Money, but I totally got lost using it after awhile…just too bloated IMO.